Sharing the love of Jesus

About 100 years ago, a young western woman came to India to share the love of Jesus. She taught songs and stories from the Bible to children playing in the streets. One little 11-year-old girl accepted Christ and chose not to practice her family’s Hindu worship of gods. Eventually her parents gave her an ultimatum and she was forced to leave their home. The precious western woman, Amy Carmichael(*) took the young girl into her children’s home, called Donavoor, for girls she had rescued from temple prostitution. That little girl grew up and Amy Carmichael helped her to marry a Christian man.

That little girl was my grandmother! As a result of her unwavering commitment to Christ Jesus, my parents raised me in a home filled with miracles every day as they trusted in Him. My father was well known and held important positions both in the military and in the prestigious University in Madurai. I can vividly remember the wonderful miracles we experienced in my home as a young boy. My father was healed after being paralyzed for 40 days. In another instance, my mother laid hands and prayed over an empty cooking gas cylinder because the replacement would not come for another 90 days. We actually saw gas come and God supply gas through that tank though it was empty until the replacement came nearly 3 months later. There was no doubt Christ Jesus was the living God Who performed miracles when we dared to believe Him!

As a young man, in 1981 God spoke to my own heart through a near death experience with typhoid and He called me into fulltime ministry. The physician said I had less than 24 hours to live, so I rededicated my life to God. My mother began to fast and pray for me and that day instead of dying I was totally healed!

It was after obtaining degrees in Physics and Political Science in India that God brought me to the United States in 1983 to attend Seminary and obtain a Master of Arts in Biblical Literature and a Master of Divinity at Oral Roberts University. Subsequent to graduation I served as Associate Minister with Dr. Morris Cerullo for 9 years.

Although I came to the United States with only $17 in my pocket, God helped me learn the secret of giving, based upon His Word. This enabled me to graduate debt-free with two Master level degrees from ORU. I will never forget, as a student when Oral Roberts stood in the Mabee Center and challenged us to prove God. In my pocket was $100, the only money I possessed in this earth. I planned to give $20. But God spoke into my heart to give the entire $100. I was shocked and I said, “Lord, that is not good stewardship.” After almost an hour of conversing with God, He asked me this question, “Who gave you the $100?” I replied, “You did, God!” Then the Lord asked me, “Then what is the problem?”

I said, “There is no more problem, Lord.” The next day, with a cheerful heart, I planted the $100 that helped me embark on a lifestyle of sowing and reaping. Not only did God help me to graduate debt-free, but since 1983 He has supplied my every need to accomplish and see His call fulfilled on my life.

Now, my wife Beckye and I are being used to inspire & train nationals to go with Holy Spirit anointing into the 600,000 villages of India which still have no recognized place to worship the living God. Along with the students of the Dunamis School of Ministry, we recently witnessed a dead man receive back his life, as he lay on the ground in front of his home, when we prayed in the name of Jesus Christ.

In spite of national political changes and opposition, in March of 2001 God enabled us to begin producing and broadcasting the first daily national Christian television program in India. Called “Victory Today!”, the program shares the love of Jesus & dynamic teaching from the Bible in three languages across the entire nation as well as several other South Asian countries including Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Emails & letters pour in from Christians, Hindus and Muslims in many nations.

In 2002, God began to stir in my heart a concern for the northern regions of India where the Christian population is less than 1 percent. After an extended fast, my wife and I traveled, with our five children, into some ‘hot’ spots where tensions were heightened with the possibility of war. Standing on the Pakistan/India border, we received confirmation from the Holy Spirit for 10-day training schools in North India where believers would receive an intense deposit of God’s Word and Prayer. This resulted in over 14,000 people from all walks of life participating in nine Victory Schools of Ministry.

Now one of the foremost Hindi language TV networks, never before open to religious programming, is leasing a slot for the daily “Victory Today!” programs! “It’s like the Red Sea opening again.” 600 million people speak Hindi in India. This network reaches all of Asia, but the focus is on India with it’s neighboring Islamic nations as well as the three smaller kingdoms that form the northern boundary; Pakistan, Nepal, Sikkim, & Bhutan. It is extraordinary to even imagine that in a region which has been completely void of Biblical truths, people can now turn on the television every day and see one of their own teaching them in-depth from God’s Word!

(*) The life of Amy Carmichael is chronicled by various authors including  Elisabeth Elliott’s ‘A Chance To Die’.